Caring For Wood Floors

The Wood flooring that we provide is a renewable resource generated by the sun. Domestic species such as oak, maple, ash, pine and walnut come from managed forests. Many exotic species we offer from around the world are available from certified and environmentally responsible mills.

Wood flooring expands and contracts related to humidity in your home. Slight gaps in the winter or a less than perfectly flat appearance in summer may appear with changes in humidity. A built in humidifying system will stabilize this common reaction.

Caring for a newly finished hardwood floor is much like a brand new car, you may be nervous at first. Choose the toughest finish, enjoy and live on the beauty. A properly installed wood floor will last the lifetime of your home with proper maintenance such as deep cleaning and refinishing.

All furniture should have felt pad installed on the bottom of each leg for protection of the wood floor (not Teflon pads). Chairs and stools used often should slide smoothly and quietly.

Keeping dirt and grit off the floor is critical. Place rugs in the highest traffic areas and at all entrances from the outside and garage. Clean or shake them out often.

Common Mishaps with Wood Floors:

  • Installing appliances
  • Heavy furniture moving
  • Worn out felt floor protectors on chairs and stools
  • Pets

To Prepare for Heavy Moving:

  • Vacuum the floor to remove all grit and dirt. However, avoid using a vacuum with a rotating brush as is commonly used on carpet.
  • Cover the work area with red builders paper from any large hardware store.
  • Overlap the edges and tape the paper to itself. Never tape directly to the wood finish.
  • Inform those involved in the work of the wood floor underneath the paper.