Hardwood Floor Maintenance Coating and Deep Cleaning

Hardwood floors will remain beautiful for years with a little basic maintenance such as deep cleaning to remove ground-in dirt and grit and an occasional maintenance coating to minimize on-going wear.

Wood Floor Deep Cleaning

Our environmentally-friendly deep cleaning system uses gentle cleansers and swirling brushes to clean deep into the wood grain where mops just can reach. The results are bright, clean floors, ensuring that the grime and grit that gets caught in the wood grain is removed.

Maintenance Coating

Scratches and dull areas are inevitable with daily use but can be repaired easily before they require complete sanding and refinishing. Our Maintenance Coating service keeps your floors looking great without the hassle of a complete sanding and refinishing. We sand the polyurethane topcoat to remove surface scratches and roughen the surface a bit. Then we recoat the floor with a new coat of fast-drying, water-based polyurethane. Your floors will look like new and be protected for many more years to come.

hardwood floor deep cleaning system