Wood Mosaics and Decorative Inlaid Wood Borders

Creativity and artisanship abound! Over the years we have done many distinct projects involving enhancing hardwood floors with wood mosaics, artistic inlaid wood borders, and creative use of wood stains. Whether reproducing a favorite work of art, inlaying your family initials, or adding distinctive borders around a room feature, we can add interest to your floors and enhance the value of your home.

Wood Borders

Wood inlaid border in a hardwood floor - placed around the outer edge of a room

Wood mosaic border in a hardwood floor

Creative Use of Wood Stains

Very interesting patterns can be created economically in wood floors through creative use of wood stains.

Wood border in hardwood floor

Creative use of wood floor stain to create patterns

Checkerboard pattern created with wood stain n a wood floor

Flush Mount Floor Vents

flush mount wooden floor vent inlaid into a hardwood floor



Decorative wood border inlaid into hardwood floor around fireplace

Decorative border inlaid into the hardwood floor around a fireplace.

Wood Inlaid Mosaics

Works of art in wood mosaics enhance the beauty of hardwood floors in homes and businesses.

wood mosaic inlaid in wood floor

exotic woods used to create a work of art in a hardwood floor